Sunday, February 21, 2010

Colorado's New Registration Laws Could Cost You - Learn From My Mistake

Last week I posted to facebook while I was getting a ticket for expired tags. My tags were expired, so I did deserve the ticket (in my defense, I moved twice while my home was being built and did not get the renewal in the mail). That added $100 to my overall cost of renewing my registration. Fine, I can deal with that, but what happened when I got to the DMV to renew my tags caught me completely off guard.

Apparently a new law passed recently in the state of Colorado that charges a fine of $25 per month - 4 month maximum - for every month you wait to renew your tags past your normal renewal date. For me it was exactly 4 months. So, that added ANOTHER $100 to the overall cost of renewing my registration.

I tried the argument that I'm paying my extra $100 fee through the court system...but obviously that's NOT a valid argument. Instead, it seems that's just a bonus (for the state, not for me). Be careful out there and double check your license plate stickers for the renewal dates. Get them renewed on time, or face an extra $200 in costs. Oh, by the way, let's not forget that the cost to renew ALSO went up this year.

Glad I could do my part to support the great state of Colorado!

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