Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Things To Know BEFORE You Rent An RV Or Camper

Make sure that RV is covered before you hit the open road!

Summer is not quite over yet, and if you're thinking about renting a camper or RV for one last warm weather getaway, there are a few insurance things you should know before heading out for that family vacation.

RV's and campers are NOT covered automatically! While most insurance companies will extend coverage to a rental car (check your policy to find out if your policy does), the same cannot be said for motorhomes and campers. They're in a completely different class than that Ford Taurus you rented from the airport on your last vacation and they need their own insurance in place BEFORE you get behind the wheel!

As you might imagine, the RV rental companies are more than happy to sell you some insurance to cover that big fancy rig you're driving off in at a pretty hefty daily rate. It's a great money maker for the rental companies and can come in very handy if you crash their RV. But did you know there is another, much more affordable, option available to you? Some insurance companies (like American National) can add a special endorsement to your auto policy to cover that motorhome or camper for up to 15 days! What's the price, you ask? A one time charge of $15!

For $15, ANPAC will extend comprehensive coverage ($100 deductible) for non-accident related claims, as well as collision coverage ($250 deductible) for any accidents that may happen. Plus, it even comes with $50 towing and emergency road side service in case you need it!

The big advice here is to make sure ANY vehicle that you rent or borrow has some form of insurance coverage. You can buy it from your insurance company or the rental company. If you don't, you may find yourself at the bad end of a really big repair bill!

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