Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Review: Crave Burger

 What does a "3 Little Pigs" burger from Crave Burgers have to do with insurance? Absolutely  nothing! But, since I've been focuing on "A Taste Of Colorado" throughout the year and giving away gift cards to Colorado based restaurants, it seemed like a good excuse to indulge in one of my favorite guilty pleasures, a cheeseburger!

However, calling the "3 Little Pigs" a cheeseburger is kind of like saying the Mona Lisa is "just a painting." As far as cheeseburgers go, this is more of a masterpiece! For starters, it's made from scratch when I order so it was super fresh. Not only is it fresh, I can tell by looking at my burger that the ingredients are all top quality.

Speaking of the ingredients, as the name implies the "3 Little Pigs" burger is topped with 3 different, yet equally delicious, types of pork. PLUS, they piled a mound of onion strings in top too (my mouth is watering again just writing about it!). Even the bun was awesome.

The burger itself is bigger than my mouth , super juicy and super tasty. My plan was to cut it in 1/2 and save the other 1/2 for dinner but I wasn't ready to quit eating after I made it through the first 1/2 so I ended up eating the whole thing. I will, however, be skipping dinner!

I also had some home cut fries and a wonderful chocolate shake (I'm glad I don't eat like this every day!) with my meal. By the time I was done, I could hardly move, but I was very satisfied. Crave's burgers are all unique, they're all gigantic and they're all delicious. I've tried 3 of their masterpieces so far and I'm already looking forward to my next adventure in burgers. If you're not really the burger type, they've also got sandwiches and salads on the menu for you.

If you'd like to give Crave Burgers a try, make sure you introduce some of your friends and family to our office first. We'll reward you with a Crave gift card so you can go check out one of their amazing burgers on us!

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