Sunday, November 15, 2009

8 Links to Keep You Safe on Colorado Wintery Roads

You’ve heard all of the dos and don’ts for cold weather driving, but sometimes tips and tricks just aren’t enough. Below are 8 links to keep you safe while on Colorado roads this winter season. Download a winter handbook, check the road conditions and travel times, know how to prepare if you’re stranded, and a whole lot more. Winter is here, and it’s time to get prepared for the crazy weather and road conditions that get thrown at us every year.

Before you get to the experts’ links, here’s our top tips for winter driving:

1. Choose your expletives ahead of time: Nothing is worse than being in the car with young ears and dropping an unexpected “holy @$#%” while doing a 360. Pick a word NOW that will allow you to express yourself AND not send your kids’ jaws dropping to the car floor. After you’ve picked it (bull shark is one of my favorites), repeat it ten times to get it stuck in your mind.

2. Remember 4 wheel drive does not mean 4 wheel stop: Ice is ice, and just because you can get going on it with your 4WD, does not mean you’re going to be able to stop on it. Drive as if you don’t have brakes, and when it’s time to have to use them you won’t find yourself having to refer back to tip number 1.

3. Don’t be stupid: I know this should be obvious, but slow down and stop driving like an idiot! If you’re always in a hurry – like me – leave early instead of trying to drive fast to get there.

4. Just don’t go: Have you noticed how nice your fireplace is looking? How good does a cup of hot chocolate sound right about now? If you can wait to go out, just don’t go!

Be careful, and just as importantly, be prepared. Here are 8 great links to help keep you safe:

1. Current Colorado Road Conditions
2. Real Time Speeds and Travel Times
3. National Weather Service: Current Weather and Warnings
4. What To Do If Stranded On The Road
5. FEMA: Preparing Kids For Winter Storms
6. CDOT Winter Driving Handbook
7. CDOT Winter Driving Video
8. CDOT Winter Driving Tips

When the weather turns, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Be prepared and be safe, or even better, just stay at home.

By Robert Edgin

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