Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Insurance Is Sexy Too, Isn't It?

"You may have a hard time getting followers and readers with a subject like insurance" my wife says to me. I tell her she's INSANE, and her response..."insurance is just kind of...boring." Boring? BORING? We'll just see about that!

That was two weeks ago; fast forward to today.

Over the past two weeks, My Insurance Guys have been working day and night to spread the good word about the exciting world of insurance. We built a facebook page, started tweeting on Twitter and have posted fascinating blogs such as:

3 Car Insurance Coverages That Will Save Your Life
I'm being Sued - Call My Insurance Company

Now I ask, what's NOT to get excited about? Feelinng pretty good about myself (and my 49 facebook fans), I proceeded to tell Kylah she was obviously mistaken about the exhilirating world of insurance. "After all, the results speak for themselves!"

When I get over zealous, as I often do, my wife is always kind enough to remind me to be a little more humble (although not always appreciated at the time, always well deserved). As a simple reminder this time, she decided to start a Facebook page for her business, Stage It! Redesign It!. That was 2 days ago; the result...

46 fans in 2 days! She's not blogging, tweeting, or even really promoting her page. She tells me she has a more interesting, "sexier" subject. How can that be, insurance is sexy too, isn't it? We do all sorts of cool things in our office; we rebuild houses when they burn down, we buy new cars when they're stolen, we replace incomes when a loved one dies...that's exciting stuff!

"That is all IMPORTANT stuff" Kylah tells me, "that's all NEEDED stuff" she says, "but EXCITING is just not the word that comes to mind when people think about insurance."

Although I'm not able to prove it, I'm pretty sure my wife figured out some special Facebook trick to inflate her numbers. After all, that's the only explanation that makes sense, isn't it?

By Robert Edgin

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