Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meet the Allen family, our clients of the month!

Custom Homes, Kettle Corn and Triathlons - Meet Doug and Janelle Allen - Our Triple Threat Clients Of The Month!

At first glance, the Allen family looks like every other typical family in Colorado Springs. But get to know a little bit about Doug, Janelle and their 3 girls - Ruby, Jaden and Dalia - and you’ll find out pretty quick that this family is anything but typical. In fact, they're pretty amazing!
Doug is an award-winning custom home builder, Janelle owns a kettle corn business selling unbelievably delicious kettle corn for the Broncos games, the Falcons games, and the CU Buffaloes (among other events) and BOTH Doug and Janelle run triathlons in their spare time!

I asked Doug how they manage it all and his response was great: “If you want to make sure something gets done, give it to a busy person.”

Busy indeed! Janelle’s kettle corn business operates at about 200 games and events per year. Chances are if you’ve ever eaten the kettle corn at the Broncos or Falcons football games you’ve seen them in action and tasted some of the best kettle corn west of the Mississippi!

Janelle purchased the kettle corn business about 12 years ago and quickly turned a small operation into a very successful family business. Make sure you grab a bag the next time you’re at one of the football games (or the World Arena where they also operate) and make sure you say a quick hello!

Exterior Photo Of One Of Doug's Award Winning Homes
On top of helping Janelle with her business, Doug has an amazing, award-winning, custom home building company called AllenTown Homes. His homes have been featured in numerous Parade of Homes and are truly a sight to behold. He also does custom remodeling work for clients who really want to set their home apart. Check out some of his work at and be prepared to be blown away.

And if two successful businesses weren't enough, both Doug and Janelle compete in triathlons. “Preparing for and competing in triathlons is our chance to escape” says Doug. “We have the kids help us with some of our training and we use the events as little family vacations.”

Doug and Janelle train 15-20 hours per week during their busy season and have some pretty awesome goals, including making it into the Iron Man competition in Hawaii! “Competing gives us a goal and something to be proud of.” It also keeps their family in fantastic shape. Swimming 2.5 miles, biking 112 miles and then running 26 miles is a pretty good workout! Doug admits that Janelle is more likely to make the cut for the Iron Man. “She’s very fast and very disciplined” adds Doug but if you ask me, I’d say they’re both pretty disciplined.

Even with all they’ve got going on, Doug and Janelle still find time to keep the girls busy with their own activities, lots of family time AND the girls have even competed in junior triathlons of their own. Doug and Janelle are a real inspiration and proof that you really do have time to accomplish all of the goals you set for yourself. I’m proud to be working with them and taking care of their family’s insurance and financial needs.

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